Michigan Roadside Assistance | Ann Arbor Towing - Heavy Duty Towing
Sakstrup’s Ann Arbor towing and assistance has the equipment, experience, and driver expertise to take on any job. Our 24-hour, seven-day-a-week operation includes many common situations, such as lockouts, jump starts, flat tires and stuck calls. With our light, medium and heavy duty towing trucks, battery van and flatbed trucks, Sakstrup’s has the ability to service not only cars and trucks of all makes and models, but also buses, recreational vehicles and motorcycles.

Our air cushion recovery units and heavy duty hydraulic wreckers make any large job a routine job for Sakstrup’s. Sakstrup’s also has access to its sister company’s 75-ton rotator truck, which is among the largest recovery equipment in Southeastern Michigan and enables us to safely upright, lift or move any vehicle or object. Our specialized services include hauling heavy trucks and equipment, and we can also handle mis-loads, load shifts, and steel coils of any size.

Sakstrup’s towing and Michigan roadside assistance customers include the general public; Allstate Motor Club; Signature Motor Club; city, county and state agencies; auto dealerships and manufactures; and private property locations. We serve our customers in Ann Arbor, MI, as well as the surrounding areas in Michigan and the greater Midwest region. We tow to and from the locations most convenient for our customers, and we have extensive experience with luxury and other special vehicles.
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Michigan Roadside Assistance and Towing Services

Our Services

24-Hour Road Service
  • Lockouts, Jump Starts, Flat Tires, Stuck Calls
  • Towing
          - Cars, Trucks, Busses,                          Recreational Vehicles,                          Motorcycles
          - Local and Long Distance

24-Hour Recovery
  • Uprighting, Lifting, Hauling and Moving Any Vehicle or Object 
          - 75-Ton Rotator
          - Air Cushion Recovery

Specialized Services
  • Load Shifts
  • Equipment Moving
  • Vehicle and Equipment Storage

Our Equipment

  • Light, Medium and Heavy Duty Tow Trucks 
  • Light and Heavy Duty Flatbeds 

  • 75-Ton Rotator 
  • Air Cushion Recovery Units
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Wreckers

Specialized Service Equipment
  • Lowboy and Detached Trailers
  • Battery Van
  • Semi Tractor and Trailers
  • Front End Loader, Forklift, Hi-Lo